Category: Foxwell Tech Support

How to solve “Undefined Sensor Error” when using Foxwell NT1001 TPMS Trigger Tool?

One of our customer feedback to us that When he do TPMS sensor using Foxwell NT1001 TPMS Trigger Tool, it pops up the window “Undefined Sensor Error”. So How to solve it? Below is the pictures customer given: Solution: Please hold the device closely to sensor, no more than 5cm, or the device may not read out data successfully.

How to update NT600?

To update NT600, please follow steps below: 1. Visit our website   and then select Support>Update . Or just click the link here : 2. Click the image of your tool to download update package which includes update tool Foxlink, and update files. 3. Follow the on- screen instructions to install the update […]

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