Foxwell NT510 Multi-System Scanner Feedback From Customer

Foxwell NT510 Customer feedback: ( car test list )


So far all BMW’s supported auto vin & autoscan, was able to get a quick easy accurate report of issues.

2006 BMW X3:

Was able to find 2 misfires because of bad plugs.

2009 BMW z4:

Was able to diagnose and find bad HAL sensors stopping the roof from retracting


Not to many test subjects yet, auto vin did not work, had to manually pick the truck

2002 F250 XLT:

After manually picking the truck the autoscan worked. This truck doesn’t have to many systems but I was able to see all appropriate data, clear warnings etc.

Chevy / GM:

Having a little bit of an issue here.
Testing on a 2012 Avalanche LTZ
Autovin did not work, I had to pick the truck manually.

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