Register the battery on 2006 BMW 330i (e90), Foxwell NT510(520) works!

Some good customer views towards Foxwell NT510, now NT520 pro on register new battery.

Please kindly note:

Your new battery must be the same as the original one.

Customer 1:

Bought it to register the battery on our 2006 BMW 330i (e90). We got about 85k miles out of our last Wal-Mart Everstart battery that was registered at an independent shop so I decided to replace it with the same battery.

This time I wanted to register the battery myself and not pay the $60+.

So you have to register with Foxwell website and then download an update program onto your computer. Then you take out the SD card and insert it into the provided USB reader and then tell the update program what drive your SD card is located on. It will then give you the opportunity to download the newest software onto the SD card and then you re-insert it into the reader.

The device’s menu was pretty clear and I was able to quickly find the battery registration option. However, then it asked me if my battery was a genuine BMW battery. It wanted to know the series of numbers that come on every BMW battery that reference the batteries specifications. Well, Everstart batteries don’t have that info so I just fiddled around and tried to back out and all of a sudden it said the registry was complete!

Sure enough, I checked and it showed the previous registry mileage (in KM) and showed the latest registry.

Customer 2:

My main goal to buy this scan tool is to register a new battery for my BMW E92. It registers new battery successfully.

Customer 3:

I switched to an AGM battery in BMW and bought this to register my battery in the DME to avoid the ridiculous 140 dollar charge at the dealer. I was disappointed to find out it can only register a new battery of the same type. It did however work really well for viewing and clearing codes and did a fantastic job monitoring my atf fluid temp and resetting transmission adaptations.

Reliable source to buy: USD158 free shipping, free technical support, 1 year’s warranty


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