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Foxwell GT80 PLUS Windows 8 Touchscreen Diagnostic Tablet WiFi Scanner

gt80 diagnostic tablet

Foxwell GT80 Plus provides professional diagnosis on over 59 vehicle makes, can work on the latest 2015/2016 models,access to a vast range of controllers (ABS, airbags, instrument cluster, etc.), live sensor data, and system/component-level bi-directional controls to get the job done faster and with a greater degree of accuracy. Supported Languages: English ,Portuguese, French, Spanish, […]

Foxwell NT510 With the same Powerful functions as Foxwell GT80

Foxwell NT510 is the most important developed tool for foxwelltech, can support powerful functions like GT80 Plus for each selected tool, so it is really best DIY Tools for you. Here are the difference for Foxwell NT510 and GT80 Plus. Model NT510 GT80 Plus Language English,French,Spanish,Dutch, German English, French, Spanish,Dutch, German, Russian,Hungarian,Portuguese, Italian Russian,Hungarian,Portuguese,Italian Korean, Thai, Chinese Vehicle coverage Chrysler,GM, Honda/Acura,Hyundai, KIA Covers more than 64 vehicle makes […]

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